Karykion, Inc. has specialized in three therapeutic areas of pharmaceutical research.
  • Development of polyene macrolide anti-fungal, antibiotics for the treatment of enveloped virus related disease.  These include, but are not limited to Ebola, Herpes, HIV and Influenza.  Also treated by polyenes are parasitic and fungal infections such as coccidioidomycosis and leisch-maniasis.  The company is active in the development, modification and testing of these products in conjunction with outside academic and commercial research partners.  Current products under investigation include amphotericin, candicidin and nystatin.
  • The second area of research deals with the identification and treatment of cholesterol related disease.  The company has isolated cholesterol related links to tumor behavior in the breast, prostate and endometriam.  the primary research covers the impact of cholesterol and cholesterol epoxides in tumor progression and repression in human breast and prostate tissue.  The research includes studies with cholesterol absorption inhibiting compounds such as candicidin and ezetemibe, and prostate control compounds including finasteride and dutasteride.  The research is also examining the impact of these products on benign tumor activity including benign prostatic hyperplaisia.
  • The third area of experimentation has involved the development of products to facilitate the removal of arthropods from living epidermal tissue.  The primary species the company has been dealing with are ticks. Ticks, more than six hundred different varieties, attach themselves to host humans or other animals for the purpose of feeding in order to reproduce.  The company has recently been issued patents for the first tick detachment product and has in progress several follow-up applications for prophylactic indications for human and veterinary populations.